Set 24 2010

Redo Backup 0.9.7

Category: Linux,Ubuntuadmin @ 10:58

Redo Backup è un’ottima distribuzione che contiene numerosi ed affidabili strumenti di backup dotati di interfaccia grafica. Tra le principali caratteristiche della distribuzione troviamo la possibilità di essere utilizzata da Live CD o da penna USB.

Ecco le principali caratteristiche tratte dal sito del produttore:

  • Easy graphical user interface boots in less than a minute
  • No installation needed; runs from a CD-ROM or a USB stick
  • Saves and restores Windows and Linux machines
  • Automatically finds local network shares
  • Access your files even if you can’t log in
  • Recover deleted pictures, documents, and other files
  • Internet access with Firefox to download drivers
  • Download size is less than 75MB

Le novità della nuova versione 0.9.7:

A new Windows-based autoexec.exe was added to notify first-time and casual computer users that the computer must be rebooted with the Redo disc in order for the live CD to run. The UI was revised to use a cleaner color scheme, and the VERSION is now listed on the root of the CD for easier identification.

download redobackup-0.9.7.iso


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